When the 9-5 sucks

Do you love what you do, but simply exhausted by the un-relenting 9-5 workplace?

Have you been injured or recovering from an illness?

Are you just fed up because the buzz from work has gone?

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Do you wake up and know a commute is no longer an option? The time, the people, the cost?

Are you being overlooked for promotion or job retention because you are merely older?

Work, Life

Do you want time for a creative hobby, or simply have more time for family?

Have you experienced unanticipated loss, illness, job or a loved one?. Are you wondering what is next for your life?

Have you faced the sudden financial roadblock and are you asking how you will manage daily expenses, medical expenses, medicines as well as housing and travel as you age?

Do you realize the nest egg of savings will not be enough?

70 retirement delayed

Do you dream of more cash flow to create a lifetime of memories traveling for yourself or family?

If you have thought “yes this is how I feel” to any of these questions you are working towards your unique reason that will drive your pathway to work-life change.

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