Online Strategies to build your $64K per year side-gig

The AU$64,154K Per-Year Income Planner

Many people make their five and six-figure income using just one of these online strategies.

Given below is a very conservative AU$64,154K side income using some of the online strategies as described in detail FAST TRACK ONLINE.

Online Strategies

Online freelancing – four jobs per month @ $450 per job = AU$21,600

Coaching program – ten people for an eight-week program, delivered three times a year @ $497 per person = $14,910

Book sales – 200 copies from your website @ $12.99 per copy = $2,598

Online e-book sales – 1,000 copies @ $5.99 = $5,990

Membership site – 47 subscribers @ $29 per month AU$16,356

Teaching online programs using the same content as your coaching program on or – 100 @ $27 = $2,700

TOTAL AU$64,154

A key point with the example above is that approximately three-quarters of this income is passive.

This means you literally make money while you sleep.

Please note this does not occur without the initial hard work and setting up effective content and social media strategies.

In another blog post and also explained in my book FAST TRACK ONLINE  I outline another revenue model for AU$261,166K, which is achievable once you clearly understand how you can connect and leverage your expert skills to the ten online strategies.

One of the most exciting aspects of transitioning online is that it is designed to use your existing skills. If cash flow is your priority, the easiest way to get started is with online freelancing. This strategy doesn’t cost you anything, other than your time. You can create a reliable six-figure part-time income within three months of learning how to find good clients and repeat business. Online freelancing is also a very straightforward strategy; how to get started is described in Chapter 9 of FAST TRACK ONLINE.

The online strategy, freelancing can be used to provide you with fast cash flow to sustain you as you develop other online income streams and strategies. All you need to do to get going is to use your time and expertise.