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Cash Flow Freelancing

    This course contains everything I do as a successful freelancer in 11 modules.

  • Belief to renew, re-fire, refresh and rewire your working life
  • Discover your existing skills and expertise to become a freelancer
  • Finding your best skills to start freelancing today
  • Knowing how to find work every day you want it
  • Working when, where and with whom you choose
  • Experiencing consistent cash flow
  • How to transition from jobs to long term clients
  • Stepping up and knowing this way of working is sustainable and for life
  • Creating a real business
  • Believing in your skills
  • Next steps -use your freelancing income to grow an online business creating multiple income streams using your existing knowledge, skills, and purpose

Fast Track Online

This 11 Module course follows my book and journey from the 9 am – 5 pm to online businesses using 10 strategies.

Online strategies are transforming the way we live and work. In every moment of the day, there are millions of people searching online for knowledge and answers to solve their problems and relieve their frustrations. The great news is that with your existing skills, knowledge and expertise, you can help others to improve their lives and you can be well paid for sharing what you know. To make the shift to this new way of working, it all comes down to the expertise you can provide and the kind of life you want to live.

The book Fast Track Online and this course is for you if you:

Want to use your skills, knowledge, purpose, passion and expertise to be more, do more and give more.

Have a life experience or story to share.

Wish to become a trusted and respected authority in your area of work specialisation, life experience or purpose.

Would love to engage with people who share your passion.

Want to learn online strategies to find and engage with a global audience.

Can listen to your audience and genuinely want to understand their needs, dreams and aspirations.

Can provide solutions to people’s frustrations and challenges.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, read the book, take this course and you’ll create a positive change in your working life much faster than you could ever imagine.

Saving Time: Outsourcing with VAs and Freelancers for Small Business

This is a five module course showing you how to get more done using Virtual Assistants and Freelancers.

When people ask me, how I get so much done in my business (such as freelancing, book writing, social media posts, setting up online courses and membership sites) I explain that I used to try to do everything myself. However, by working in this way I would invariably run out of time, and this made my progress very slow.

These days, I use my team of dedicated Virtual Assistants (VAs), to do the tasks I don’t have the skills or time to complete. This allows me time to grow my business, trial new online strategies, and create additional revenue streams.

Getting help is important, especially as your business grows, and you can use one VA or a team of VAs for different tasks. VAs can be appointed for a one-off job or work with you on an ongoing basis for months, even years.

In my business, I have experienced amazing benefits when hiring either a dedicated VA or a VA team. However, to be honest, my first experiences were less than satisfactory. So, I did some research to discover the best way to find and hire quality VA talent.