How to find your best topic for blogging

With your Expertise + Transferable Skills, you find your best fit online business strategies.

Fast Track Online, the book, details the 8 most popular online business strategies. There will be one or two that fit the best with you.


  • Write

  • Teach, Coach, Mentor or Consult

  • Design,

  • Engage, Connect or Entertain

  • Research or Analysis

You have a head start in online freelancing, blogging, self-publishing, and e teaching.

Imagine this; you can use your skills, experience, and knowledge to help people all over the world.

First, we will take a close look at online freelancing as many folks start their online career here using existing knowledge from their 9-5 life.

At Savvy Experts Online, we have spent thousands of hours researching and taking action. Made mistakes, worked with mentors, some good and others not worth the investment.

We have invested in training costing hundreds, mostly thousands, of dollars, not to mention the travel, often international, to reach the best.

Many trainers have been excellent; others ended up being a poor investment. Savvy Experts Online lists recommended training and mentors to save you the time finding the best.

Let’s get started with your foundation online income stream strategies.

The foundation online income replacement strategies are:




Affiliate Marketing


There are others Savvy Experts Online uses including this website is one of our twenty websites.

Let’s get started.

As Savvy Experts Online was getting started, my source of income was online freelancing as a writer, creating online courses, writing grants for groups all over the world.

It wasn’t the six figure income from my professional 9-5 career. It did, however, pay the bills,  my boy’s education, holidays as well as my ongoing and expensive online training.



You can be a freelancer yourself where you get paid for jobs using your skills. And, you can employ freelancers to build your business. You can also be a “middleman” where you source good online freelancers for other people in business.

Freelance photogrpher

How Online Freelancing Can Work For You

A freelancer is someone who does task specific work for others. The freelance business in the US is a $751 billion economy, and in Australia alone it is a $51 billion economy. You, too, can take a slice of this.

In 2014, 34% of the US workforce was freelancing their primary skills, and many more are learning new skills to meet the demand for a range of tasks they can deliver to online customers around the world.

People freelance full time, part time and moonlight as a part of their primary job.  According to the this Freelancers Union report, 69% of freelancers said online portals make it easier to find freelance work, and 36% of moonlighters have thought about quitting to work completely independently.

You are going to learn how you can start using your skills to create financial security through freelancing in a revealing new manual that I have put together for you that guides you through how to get jobs and beat out your competition because you have your payment processing set up to total customer convenience.

Getting started online freelancing is easy and super fast.

There are hundreds of different types of freelance tasks.  You can specialize in one or as many as your skills can manage.

Here is a summary of the job posts I found from just one of the online freelance job sites, Personally I have has more success with and then moved onto Don’t be put off by the low rates, they get you started, get you jobs and as you build your profile and then put your rates up.



Copywriting (417 jobs)

Content Writing (299 jobs)

Blogging (206 jobs)

Article Writing (629 jobs)

Ghost Writing (297 jobs)

Technical Writing (143 jobs)

Article Rewriting (242 jobs)

If you love to write or improve your writing, look no further than the Freelance Writers Den lead by Carol Tice. A good place to start is the Step-by-Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success E-Book.

Grow Your Writing Income: Learn How

If writing is not your strong point, don’t despair. There are plenty of other online freelancing opportunities.


Graphic Design (2,665 jobs)

Photoshop (505 jobs)

Logo Design (543 jobs)

Social Media Design (99 jobs)


Virtual Assistant (184 jobs)


Website Design (2,491 jobs)

Research (429 jobs)


Data Processing (306 jobs)

Data Entry (542 jobs)


Social Media (245 jobs)

Facebook Marketing (383 jobs)


There are several online sites to seek for work. With a seven-year history of online and offline freelancing, I have learned different sites suit different skills. You can search these sites for freelance work to suit your chosen freelancer skills:







If you don’t have time, outsource and create a team of virtual assistants. For example, at Savvy Experts Online, I use and employ overseas Virtual Assistants to help with a variety of tasks. Outsourcing book videos, social media posting, editing and formatting for Amazon has also been an efficient use of time.