Fast Track Online Course

12 Modules

MODULE 1: Your Best Skills For Online Success

Making the Most of Your Expertise

  • Your Transferable Skills
  • Finding Your Focus ( Finding Clarity)
  • The Savvy Experts Online Business Plan Template
  • Developing Multiple Products and Services

Why Experts Achieve Early Online Business Success

  • Benefits of Life Experience and Expertise
  • Transferrable Skills Checklist
  • Finding Profits in Your Passions

MODULE 2: Goodbye 9-5. A new way to live and work

Secure Your Place Online and Grow Your Revenue

  • Ten of the Best Online Business Benefits
  • Six Steps to Online Income

Finding Your Best Topic

  • It Is Time to Listen and Not Lead
  • Profitable Expert Topic Ideas
  • Twelve Online Market Analysis Strategies to Confirm Your Topic Idea
  • Your Best Topic Checklist

MODULE 3: Find and connect with your audience and customers online

Identify Your Online Audience

  • Six Strategies to Find and Connect with Your Online Audience
  • Finding your clients online
  • Strategies for clients to find you
  • Building your audience using Social Media.

MODULE 4: Testing Your Idea

Managing risk and validating your idea, products, and services.

Don’t spend months creating a product or service only to discover that no one is interested in purchasing your offering.

  • Risk Management #1 – Validating Your Idea
  • Risk Management #2 – Testing Your Product and Service Ideas
  • Risk Management #3 – Testing for Your Most Profitable Strategy
  • Risk Management #4 – Secure Your Computer with Good Digital Hygiene


MODULE 5: Keep it simple, leverage online strategies to Fast Track Online.

Choose the online strategies to suit your personality and skills and tailored to your income, lifestyle, and career aspirations.

Introduction to

  • Online Freelancing
  • Self Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-Teaching & Webinars
  • Online Courses and Membership Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Putting it all together – $64K, $104K and $241 Income Planner for Multiple Income Streams


MODULE 6: Making the Most of Your Specialist Skills

 Online Strategies and Case Studies 

Health Professionals

Office Workers






IT Workers  

    MODULE 7: Blogging for Profitability

      • What is a Blog
      • Different Types of Blogs
      • Business Benefits of Blogging
      • Website or Not?
      • Content Creation Strategies
      • How to Re-purpose  Content
      • 15 ways to make money from your Blog 
      • Become and author from your Blog


    MODULE 8: From Hobby To Business

    Having a business system as you transition from hobby to business.

    • Creating business systems for:
      1. Client Contracts
      2. Monitoring Your Client Time
      3. Invoicing and other business Systems
    • Client Assessment – Are they are a good Fit for You
    • Client Red Flags
    • Profitable Pricing
    • Branding You and Your Business
    • Managing Expectations and Setting Boundaries to avoid scope creep
    • Defining your business measures.


    MODULE 9: Working at Home

    • Strategies to working well at home
    • Productivity and Time Management.
    • Productivity Hack #1 Habits
    • Productivity Hack #2 Setting Priorities
    • Productivty Hack #3 Support
    • Productivity Hack #4 Dealing with Distrations
    • Having and making the time.
    • Self-awareness of getting things done and setting priorities.


    MODULE 10: The Customer Journey

      • What is a the Customer Journey
      • Map Your Customer Experience
      • The Key Elelemts of an Ideal Customer Experience


    MODULE 11: Creating Your Marketing Messages

    What is Your Story

    • Why You Need compelling message.
    • Knowing your ideal client.
    • What makes your different
    • Crafting your core message
    • Communicating your  messages.


    MODULE 12: Outsourcing with Freelancers for Small Business

    • The What and Why of Outsourcing
    • Identify Tasks to be Outsourced
    • Create Your Outsourcing Plan
    • Find the Best VA’s and other Freelancers for Your Team
    • Building and Managing Your Team
    • Common Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them