Cash Flow Freelancing Course

8 Modules

MODULE 1: Discovering Your Best Skills to Freelance.

 With the Freelancer Checklist, you will find your best skills to freelance from over popular 200 skills.

Schedule a call with me here and I’ll work with you to discover your best skills and find you work to suit. 

You will have more skills to freelance than you realise. 

The module includes a Case Study showing how I found  over 73,000 jobs from just 10 skills chosen by a live audience.

Furthermore, there is a review of what 7000 freelancers say about how they feel about their transition from the 9 am – 5 pm to a freelancing life. 

You’ll also be provided with evidence about the size of the freelance economy, why is it growing, and why now is the time to take this opportunity. 

MODULE 2: Where and How To Find Freelancing Jobs Online

There are more online freelance jobs to apply for than you can ever imagine. 

In this module you’ll get the tools to earn your first $1000K.

70+ Online Jobs Boards and the best to choose. 

25+ Online Tutoring Job Boards. 

We’ll deep dive into one job board and you’ll learn:

Practices for a strong profile

Finding clients, communication and getting paid. 

After Module 2, you’ll feel confident you can find consistent work doing what you enjoy.

MODULE 3: From Freelance Hobby to Business

  • I’ll share with you how I went from a $1K per month hobby to $9K online freelancing every month.
  • Establish your freelance business systems from the start, keep organised saving time to grow.
  • Complete your Online Freelance Business Template.
  • Creating a professional business brand
  • Find your online freelance tribe and connect.
  • Profitable pricing your service
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • When and how to increase your rates

MODULE 4: Attracting Clients

  •  How to transition from “one-off” jobs to repeat work clients.
  • Strategies to build an online presence.
  • Finding ideal clients.
  • Helping ideal clients to find you.
  • Facebook strategies.
  • Linkedin strategies.
  • 10 Top Tips for a Freelancers Linkedin Profile.
  • Facebook Groups Unleashed.
  • Testimonials. 

MODULE 5: Client Onboarding and Keeping Good Clients

  • From first connection to paying client.
  • Why you need onboarding.
  • Creating your onboarding process.
  • Client Red Flags.
  • Client satisfaction and retention.
  • Managing multiple clients
  • When and how to raise your rates
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing 

MODULE 6: Mindset Mastery


  • Believing in You and Your Skills, Knowledge and Expertise
  • Rising to the Top
  • The Success Factors
  • Creating Credibility, and Influence
  • Adopting a proactive mindset for success
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Growth Mindset
  • Limiting Belief Checklist
  • Growth Mindset Checklist

MODULE 7: Working Well From Home

Strategies to working well at home

  • Productivity and Time Management.
  • Productivity Hack #1 Habits
  • Productivity Hack #2 Setting Priorities
  • Productivity Hack #3 Support
  • Productivity Hack #4 Dealing with Distractions
  • Having and making the time.
  • Self-awareness of getting things done and setting priorities.

MODULE 8: Essential Strategies to Grow Your Business - Pricing and Branding


Knowing Your Customers and Competitors
Positioning Your Freelancing Service
How to Create a Pricing Strategy
Monitoring Your Pricing
Lowering and Raising Prices


What Is a Brand?
Define Your Brand
Design Your Logo
Marketing Your Brand
Brand Management