I transitioned from the ‘nine to five’ to consultant juggling family and work and maintaining my corporate income.
I did not foresee the challenges that lay ahead.
A client had a change of CEO and my work plummeted. This was a total wake-up call.
In the years preceding this event, I left a successful career as a clinician, researcher, manager, and bureaucrat, to live on a farm with my life partner.
I needed fast cash flow and a job no one could ever take from me again. Ever!
To thrive, I needed fast, reliable cash flow. Sadly, it was time to leave the independent life of a consultant and return to the 9 am – 5 pm.
I applied for 25 jobs, interviewed for 19, and was offered a one-day-a-week job with a 90-minute one-way commute. My age and motherhood discrimination was working against me.
I was in shock because getting a job was always too easy.
Being in my 50s without a job I was terrified for the future we had planned.
Despite wanting to give up, I needed to create a job that no one could ever take from me again. Ever!
I worked out how to use my 9 am – 5pm skills and became an online freelancer and within three months regained my corporate income.
Online freelancing was my new cash cow. I was in control of when, where and how I worked.
The feeling of being valued, renewed, and re-fired is unbelievable. It’s like finding your midlife work tribe and finding the best fit for your age, aspirations, and work-life balance.
Freelancing online is only one strategy.
I discovered new online revenue strategies to add to my new online enterprise.
One part of my business is “Fast Track Online”, my first published book about how to transition your 9 am – 5 pm skills and knowledge online. I wish my book had been available to me when I was starting out.
I believe anyone can use their existing skills to future-proof their careers and income.
New way to work for your job, career and retirement