Top 16 business benefits when you self-publish

We are living in an incredible moment in time. With technology, you can promote your expertise and reach a global audience. Do you love to write ? Self-Publishing is an online strategy worth looking at.

16 Business Benefits

1. Self-published books are cheaper to buy so more people will read your book,

2. Self-published books can be delivered with one click.

3. Readers can read a sample of your book for free.

Even if they do not buy your book, a sample will contain all of your business, expertise and contact details.

4. Revisions and updates of a self-published book can re-published without hassle.

5. It’s much cheaper and faster to self-publish than to find a traditional publisher.

6. Compared to traditional publishing, you have 100% control over the content, book design cover and promotion.

7. Royalties from self-published books are much lower, up to 70% lower than traditional publishers.

8. Self-published books can be read anywhere, even in the dark.

9. Self-published books can be printed on demand. This printing strategy is cost efficient, and you won’t have boxes of unsold books in your office.

10. With over 50 online book promotion sites, you can promote your book and reach a global audience.

11. Income earning books needs to be only 10,000 – 15,000 words long.

12. Write a series of books using your expertise gained from decades of life and work experience.

13. Books can provide a passive income earned while you sleep or away doing other things you love.

14. The revenue from books can go on forever and be passed on as an inheritance.

15. Writing a business book helps you to stand out for a new job opportunity.

16. And, helps your business to stand above your competitors.